Ford Mustang Bullitt yellow car

Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019 Review

We present the Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019 review. Who knows, this is a real legend, developed by the future president Chrysler. The overall impression is an ideal car for summer driving. Fast, fun and fierce. A pleasant experience of nostalgia.

For the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Bullitt film…

Ford Mustang Bullitt 1968

Ford Mustang Bullitt was released in 2019 to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1968 film Bullitt. If you are not old enough to remember or have not seen the film, you need to see it. The film is known for one of the most iconic car chases in film history.

The stars of the movie are Steve McQueen and the 1968 Mustang Highland Green fastback. The car after the movie was released became a real hit among buyers. And it made the already successful Mustang even more popular at the time.

Now Mustang Bullitt is back. And now it is also a sports car, which any enthusiast and power lover would like to see in his garage…

At the weekend, we drove a 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt in Dark Highland Green.

Ford Mustang Bullitt: what’s new in 2019?

Ford was completely nostalgic and created the 2019 Mustang Bullitt. And you can say with confidence that they had fun doing it. The car is available in two colours: Dark Highland Green or Shadow Black. But it’s also hard to imagine that it wouldn’t get its signature green shade. The MKPP mechanism has a white handle in the form of a bit as a tribute to the original car.

Additional electronics package includes navigation, automation of seats and driver’s mirrors, upgraded sound system. From the driver assistance system there is the detection of dead zones with a warning of cross-traffic. The Ford MagneRide suspension and RECARO seats are the only thing technically left of the classic Mustang.

Features and options: true sleeper.

Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019 comes with black alloy wheels, adjustable front seats and rear parking sensors. The Performance Package is standard for Bullitt. It includes Brembo red brakes, 19-inch wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 summer tires.

The Performance Package gives your Bullitt an improved differential, larger radiator, stiffer front springs and a larger rear stabilizing bar. Our Bullitt comes with optional MagneRide adaptive suspension and blind spot control.

The test of the new Mustang Bullitt delighted us, but some of the distinctive features still remain, such as the spoiler. You can’t tell your friends that this coupe is a special edition or a high-performance model. It’s quite technically a trivial car, but it’s a legend.

Also added is a chrome finish around the side windows and grille. The only thing that gives it away is a special Crosshair sign on the back of Bullitt. Maybe the red Brembo brake calipers look very stylish, but that’s it.

Ford Mustang Bullitt our time

The optional electronics package

Our Bullitt came with an optional electronics package that included a high quality Bang & Olufsen audio system with 12 speakers and navigation. Our car was not for sale, and Ford did not provide any accurate pricing information. Based on our research and depending on the options, we can quote sales prices between $47,000 and $53,000. This amount will have to be paid if you intend to purchase a new Mustang Bullitt. Ford could get a lot more money from this coupe if he wanted to.

The main elements of the interior: V8 Symphony.

The first thing you have to consider is the careful parking of your Bullitt! The owner will have to take care of the magnificent Highland Green paint. We also found out very quickly that long doors make it difficult to enter and exit a low mustang. If you have rear passengers in the car, they must be the height of a child, with a different height it is difficult to access the rear seat.

Seat belts are another problem in this car. However, after you sit down, you will have a good adjustment range for steering and seat height. Which allows drivers of both high and low to feel comfortable…

We immediately noticed a white gear stick, and it reminded us of the old original Mustang. Our Bullitt came with a green interior, 12-inch LCD and a heated steering wheel.

The salon is spacious enough in front and there is enough space for elbows to feel comfortable. Everything is well thought out and the quality of the assembly is solid, although there is some plastic. The fit and finish is well done, without annoying rattles, which distract from the pleasant sounds of the 5.0 V8 engine.

Visibility inside the Mustang isn’t as good as you’d expect from a bevelled roof coupe. Decent side mirrors help reduce typical blind spots, and we appreciate a standard rearview camera when driving in tight spaces. Given that the rear seats create restrictions for passengers, this is a great place for extra storage.

Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019

Engine and fuel performance

The 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt is equipped with a sweet 5.0-litre V8 with open air intake system and Shelby GT350 intake manifold. Although the torque remains the same as that of the current Mustang GT (420 lbs), the engine power is increased to 480 hp. The Bullitt comes with a six-speed manual transmission only, and the machine is not available.

Driving dynamics: Ideal for those who love cars

The power from Mustang Bullitt is not on schedule, and the sound from double exhaust is even better. We’ve reduced the power of the V8 and heard a revolving system that pleasantly caresses your ears. You can’t drive this Mustang without a big smile on your face! Any driver will know, thanks to the special sounds, that this is a special car.

We had a very good time this weekend. We had many friends who couldn’t wait to take a ride with us. After several trips, we seriously thought about charging entrance fees! Everyone we knew wanted to feel the brute force and hear the hoarse growling from this 5.0 V8.

We pushed Bullit hard near Denver, and it gave us everything we could ask for. The MagneRide suspension provides enough stability at high speeds, and short manual transmissions are rare in many cars today. The Bullitt is a special car for rare occasions. As an ordinary driver, you are likely to get a lot of fines.

Conclusion: We’ve had a perfect summer trip.

The Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019 is for enthusiasts who want a car for extreme entertainment. It should be the second car that ideally goes on the track on weekends. It’s the only way to experience the optimum performance this pony car can offer.